Founded in 1999, the Legacy Donor Foundation provides education and public awareness activities about organ donation. We seek to increase donor registrations and foster informed family acceptance of the process.

When the Legacy Donor Foundation was founded in 1999 there were 450,000 names on Louisiana’s Legacy Organ and Tissue Donor Registry. Today, due to strong marketing and public relation campaigns, educational forums, health fairs, minority awareness campaigns, and workplace partnerships, there are now over 2.2. million names on the registry. We are making progress.

The Foundation is a part of the Donate Life Louisiana collaborative which strives to bring a cohesive face to organ, eye and tissue donation awareness in Louisiana.



The mission of the Legacy Donor Foundation is to prevent the loss of human life due to lack of available organs for transplantation by educating the citizens of Louisiana about the critical need for organ, eye and tissue donation. Through public education and awareness activities, the Foundation promotes organ donation and fosters informed family acceptance of the process.